A Look Back: Leave It To Beaver Secrets Revealed!

Leave It To Beaver was one of those shows that was already on re-runs when I was a kid, but the story still held up as we all wished we had a family that was as tight and as forgiving as the Cleavers. Each episode took us on a journey with the Beaver as he got into trouble with his brother and best friend, Wally. Lets not forget the best parents in the history of the world, June and Ward. Together, let’s take a look at one of the great shows from TV’s golden era of innocent television programming.



The Beaver



Jerry Mather’s was the show’s namesake, but his first audition for the show was about as nontraditional as it gets. He arrived to the audition in his Cub Scout uniform because he was in a  hurry to make it his groups meeting that night. Mather’s young innocence is what won the hearts of the producers that day and he was offered the role as the show’s main character, Theodore Cleaver.




Wally was the stud of the show. The cool big brother who was always there to help out the Beaver. “Wally'” was actor Tony Dow, who apparently had no prior acting experience when he auditioned for the show. There was a different TV show that Dow had auditioned for, but was cancelled after just one episode.  The producers liked his style and called him later for his role on “Leave it to Beaver.”