Life Photographed: Amazing Powerful Images From The 20th Century

No period of time has ever been better documented or was more influential in human history than the 20th century. Technology, war, population growth and freedoms all reached a zenith during this time and the images we have to reflect on show us just how far the human race has come in the short time in the 1900’s. The century dawned with horse-drawn carriages and ended with missions to Mars, handheld computers and technology that seemed like science fiction only a few decades earlier. Take a glimpse at some of the greatest moments of modern history.

1939- Big Apple Flyover


A DC-4 passenger plane flying over midtown Manhattan. These type of photos were extremely difficult to take especially in the late 30’s when this image was taken. A helicopter had to fly above the flight pattern as the plane was coming in for a landing at JFK.