Nirvana Just Days Before Their Lives Changed Forever

Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana were still struggling musicians that were hitting the road hard to promote had their second album that had just been released on DGC(David Geffen’s label). The record was called Nevermind and it was about to go haywire and sell more than 30 million copies.

But the fame had not yet arrived. This was before the band played to thousands of people in huge arenas and it sure as hell was before they ever dreamed of making millions and millions of dollars. At the time of this clip they still played small clubs hoping to make enough for dinner, gas and a hotel room.

Here is one of their last shows before Their lives changed forever. This was filmed just two days after the album hit stores, filmed in a small Connecticut club on September 26, 1991. Listen to their hit song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, before it became an anthem to teenagers everywhere.