Hitler’s Nephew; The One Who Fought For The Allies

It was a cold day in Long Island that January 1939 when William “Willy” Patrick Hitler immigrated with his Irish mother to the United States. William Randolph Hearst had invited him to join a lecture tour.

It was a notable month. Only days before, FDR delivered the 1939 State of the Union Address to congress. Officials had recently transferred Al Capone from Alcatraz to Terminal Island to serve the last year of his sentence.

It was that same month, Hollywood selected Vivienne Leigh to play Scarlett O’Hara in the forthcoming movie, Gone With The Wind.

Willy’s Heritage

(source: jewishbusinessnews.com)

(Alois Hitler, Willy’s Dad | source: jewishbusinessnews.com)

Alois Hitler, Willy’s father, was a Nazi. He’d lost contact with Willy’s mother during the outbreak of WWI, as he was traveling at the time, part of a gambling tour. He’d left her in London with Willy.

When the war broke out, Alois returned to Germany then remarried to a German woman. He took his place in the Nazi party, even fathered another son, Heinz. Willy’s half-brother was every bit a Nazi, putting Willy even further out of favor by his father.

Long before Willy’s move to Queens, he attempted to make a life in Germany. In ’33, he leveraged his father’s position for work, taking jobs in auto-manufacturing and car sales, but these jobs were not his preference. Willy asked for other work, but his father denied his requests.

He attempted to blackmail Alois by threatening to tarnish the family name. There was a rumor that Adolf’s grandfather was a Jew, something modern historians question, but a threat nonetheless. It didn’t work.

Willy returned to London, to his mother, to write and find work. He did return to Germany for a time but left in ’39 for the U.S. after Adolf asked him to renounce his British passport in exchange for a position in the party.

New World

(source: alchetron.com)

(Willy’s swearing into the Navy | source: alchetron.com)

Willy had no knowledge of the life before him, but he knew a couple of things. He was no Nazi and he could not squeeze his estranged father, Alois Hitler, for anything.

Willy and his mother had not intended to become US residents, but when WWII broke out, they were stranded. With nothing tying them to the home they left behind, Willy submitted a request to FDR to join the war effort. He would become a Navy man if they would have him.

FDR approved his request and in 1944 Adolf’s nephew was fighting for the enemy.

Willy’s family moved into a home in Queens, and he went into the Navy. He would serve as a pharmacist’s mate during the war until 1947 when they discharged him with a purple heart. He’d been injured in battle.

After The War

(source: dailymail.co.uk)

(source: dailymail.co.uk)

The same year Willy left the Navy he met and married Phyllis Jean-Jacques. In a twist of fate, Phyllis had been born in Germany in the ’20s.

After they married, Willy submitted his wife, mother and himself for anonymity in the United States. He also changed the family name to Stuart-Houston, shedding the Hitler name forever.

Willy’s medical training prepared him to start his own business, a lab for analyzing blood samples. He called it Brookhaven Laboratories.

The family lived in Long Island, where Phyllis and Willy had four boys. One of those boys passed in ’89. Willy, himself, died in 1987. For years, nobody knew that the Stuart-Houston family descended from Hitler.

(The Stuart-Houston home? | source: diymobileaudio.com)

(The Stuart-Houston home? | source: diymobileaudio.com)

Off the five descendants of Adolf Hitler lineage, the oldest son, Alexander Adolf Stuart-Houston swears that they have no pact to end the Hitler line of succession.

There are two other descendants to the Hitler name, who also have not married, and have not reproduced. None of the descendants derive their lineage direct from Adolf, but from his half-brother and full-blood sister.

Whether or not they agreed to a formal pact, it seems the descendants of Adolf Hitler intend to put some punctuation on the family line. Unless there is a miracle, their deaths will mark the end of Adolf Hitler’s bloodline.