3,000 Year Old Ball of String Found in the UK

An every day occurrence we can all relate to is finding a pesky string of thread that’s been dangling off your clothing all day long. Normally finding a piece of thread is an annoyance, but never fascinating. Except when that piece of thread is over 3,000 years old. Archaeologists have found a delicate ball of thread that’s been wrapped around a bobbin in the United Kingdom.

This fragile artifact was uncovered during an excavation in Petersborough, England. The location archaeologists have been working on is also commonly known as Must Farm. Until recently, experts believed this village to be abandoned due to a fire ruining the settlement. Archaeologists discovered a wide variety of objects, including this unique artifact.

What’s most fascinating about this common household object, the condition is amazing considering how old it is. Experts believe that the strings preservation is due to it being made of plant fiber which later carbonized during the fire. The string then became waterlogged which helped preserve it all these years. The thread is now a greenish-brown color, however, it could have been a completely different color many years ago. Unfortunately, experts don’t believe that they’ll be able to restore the fabric to its original color.

Must Farm has been the site of many interesting discoveries. Archaeologists have found a wide variety of objects including pots, an ax head, glass jewelry, and even woven textiles. Experts still have no clue how the fire was caused, but they do believe that it was done on purpose.

These everyday items have helped give archaeologists a better look at what life was like thousands of years ago. The events that took place at Must Farm were so catastrophic, that experts are now comparing this burnt city to the famous city of Pompeii. Archeologists have completed their excavation of Must Farm, but are now beginning the preservation process on all of the items they’ve uncovered. Experts are expecting this process to be completed in a couple years.