21 Historic Landmarks: Perspective Is Everything

Throughout our lives we have seen some amazing photos of the world’s greatest locations and we have been inspired to travel to them to experience the raw beauty and wonder that they bring. But have you ever travelled thousands of mile to one of these places only to be let down? That’s a common occurrence to say the least. These images will let you see a side of these historic landmarks that you may not expect and they may even have you rethinking that trip to Europe. Take a look and see what I mean.

The Pantheon

No way is one of the world’s great buildings right across from some other sacred arches: McDonalds! This is insane. While i have never made it to the fine country where the Pantheon is located, I can say I’ve been to a few burger joints and this one just may have the best view of any of them. I wonder if Zeus and all the gods have tried a Big Mac yet?