The History Of The Female Appearence

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There may not be anything on this earth more beautiful then a woman, and it’s been like that since the beginning of time. From the days of Eve wearing a leaf all the way to the latest Hollywood starlet walking down the red carpet, women have been roaming the innermost thoughts of almost every man in existence.



women3 1920

In the 1940’s, women had to paint lines on their legs to give the impression that they were wearing stockings because there was such a short supply due to the war.

women2 painting stockings

Women in the 20’s had a totally different style of fashion. Starting to show some skin was a totally taboo thing to do, though it was becoming slightly more common.

women of 20's

women of 20's1

The 1950’s brought us the hot housewife with the aprons, dresses and high heels while she cooked and cleaned all day, if you’re into that sort of thing.

50's housewife1

50's housewife

Of course we cant leave out the lovely Marilyn Monroe.



But as beautiful as women have been throughout history, there really is no comparison to the beauty that we get to experience today. With Sex being the most powerful marketing tactic available, women nearly run the world at this point. Any guy will do whatever is necessary to continue to have that beautiful woman available to him.

Bravo ladies, keep up the great work.

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