President Kennedy and the Glory Days of Camelot

Everything has already been said of the Kennedy Presidency and the glory days of Camelot. While the country had its hands full with race issues, the Vietnam war and the bay of pigs, the Kennedy family was one that people looked to as a role model and people whose lives took us away from our own. These are the images of a man and his family, not a President with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Camelot.

Photo: Time/Life
A father and his son. Could be in any home but this was in the oval office.

Photo: Time/Life
John John hides under the President’s desk in the oval office.

Photo: Time/Life
Tea time with Caroline in the white house.

Photo: Time/Life
John and Jackie. The perfect couple.

Photo: Time/Life
JFK and Caroline on their boat in Hyannis.