Nintendo’s History Throughout the 21st Century

Last week we talked about Nintendo throughout the 20th century. This week we want to finish off their history. Nintendo has been around for a very long time and they’ve maintained being one of the biggest video game companies in the entire world for many years. Following the popularity of the ¬†Gameboy Color, Nintendo released the Gameboy Advance in March 2001. This hand held gaming device underwent some obvious changes from the Gameboy Color. Nintendo opted for a landscape design which moved the buttons to both sides of the screen.

A few months later Nintendo released the Gamecube in order to attract an older audience to purchase their products. The Gamecube was Nintendo’s first home video game console that required discs instead of cartridges. Nintendo’s Gamecube remained very popular until it’s discontinuation in 2007.


Photo:Wii U Go

In November 2004, Nintendo released a brand new hand held gaming device, the Nintendo DS. This device featured two separate screens, one being a touch screen. The Nintendo DS maintained the landscape design with the buttons on the side, however, this device folds in half for compact storage.

In 2006, Nintendo announced their plans to release a new home gaming system, in November that year the Wii was finally released to the public. The Wii was extremely popular and anticipated by many Gamecube lovers. This gaming system was meant to target casual gamers and children, they succeeded with this tactic and many game companies followed their lead. The Wii was also designed to allow the users to be more active, getting them off the couch with games that were meant to be extremely involved.


Photo: Imgmr

Nintendo has continued to release updates and changes to their popular devices. Currently the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are still very popular, especially for younger children. We all know Nintendo for different products, but the fact remains they will continue to be one of the biggest names in the video game industry.