On This Day, July 20th

2. 2012: Colorado movie theater shooting

Photo: nydailynews

Photo: nydailynews

James Holmes at the first trial Photo: newsweek

James Holmes at the first trial
Photo: newsweek

It was on this date in 2012 when 24 year old James Holmes walked to a crowed movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and opened fire. It was an early release midnight showing of the newest chapter of the Batman saga. So when Holmes snuck in through the parking lot exit door wearing black combat gear and a gas mask, some people actually though it was someone doing a theatrical spoof on the movie. He apparently was just shooting people at random, no rhyme or reason for any of it. There were a total of 12 casualties and as many as 70 more left wounded. Holmes was caught behind the theater without putting up any resistance shortly after police arrived on the scene. Holmes would later go to trial in 2013 but it was indefinitely postponed until layers on both side could agree on an insanity plea. The trial didn’t start up again until late April, 2015, but just a few short months later Holmes was sentenced to 12 consecutive life sentences plus over 3,000 years, without parole.