A Not So Charming Fairytale: Abandoned Castles From All Over the World (Part 1)

There is something so beautiful about abandoned buildings. They have been overtaken by Mother Nature and become one with their surroundings, yet there is something very haunting about them.

They stand completely still, deteriorating into nothing while the rest of the world continues to live on. Eventually there will be nothing left of these once beloved buildings. Mother Nature will have done her job and we will only have the eery pictures to remember these places by.

Let’s take a look at some of the most eerily beautiful abandoned castles throughout the world.

1.Château de Noisy in Celles, Belgium


Photo: Imgur

Also known as Miranda Castle, this abandoned home was built in 1866. The once beautiful castle was commissioned from the Liedekerke-De Beaufort family. The castle took nearly 40 years to build and the family had occupied the home until World War 2. It’s been said that fighting during Battle of the Bulge had taken place on the grounds and eventually became occupied by Nazi’s.

After 1950 the castle became an orphanage and then became a children’s camp until the 1970’s. The castle has been abandoned since the 90’s because of the outrageous costs to maintain a building of it’s stature. The Château de Noisy remains standing, but continues to decay into nothing.

2.Pidhirtsi Castle in in Pidhirtsi, Ukraine


Photo: inLviv

This amazing castle was under construction from 1635-1640 and was constructed by Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan.The castle has undergone multiple additions since it was built by various people. In 1725 a theater, a third floor, and a church were added by the new owner Konstanty Sobieski.

The house was eventually looted by the Russians during World War 1 and took some of the most precious items that were inside the house. The house was unfortunately located on the front line during the war and faced possible destruction. Luckily, one of the Generals decided that the complex was worth sparing, but was once again looted.

Unfortuantely the General kindness did not save the castle from complete destruction. In 1956 the castle burned down, at the time the castle included extremely valuable paintings that were completely ruined. It took three weeks for the fire to die down and be completely put out. Fortunately for the beautiful structure, it was purchased in 1997 and turned into a museum.

3.Bannerman Castle in New York 

bannermans castle pollepel island 1

Photo: Kuriositas


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Photo: NY Times

Located on Pollopel Island Bannerman Castle was built in 1901 by Fancis Bannerman VI. The castle was actually devoted to storing munitions cartridges for Bannerman’s business. He later built a second castle on the island that was used as his primary residence.

In 1920 after Bannerman’s death around 200 shells exploded causing a portion of the castle to be destroyed. Eventually the State of New York removed all of the old military merchandise and the island was opened for tours. The castle faced an unfortunate fire in 1969 which destroyed a good deal of the structure, the island was then closed off to the public.

4.Kasteel Van Mesen in Lede, Belgium 

Built in 1628 the Kasteel Van Mesen has suffered plenty of damage and rebuilding. The house house was once an all girls boarding school during the first World War. In addition to being a boarding school the castle once house a tobacco factory, gin distillery and a sugar refinery.

The castle was eventually aqcuired by the Ministry of Defence who left the castle abandoned for many years. Kasteel Van Mesen is surprisingly still standing, but like many other abandoned structures continues to decay slowly.