11 More Notorious Serial Killers

We’ve recently did a popular post on some of America’s most notorious serial killers to have lived. Well, here are 11 more notorious serial killers you gotta know about!

1.Larry Bittaker and Roy Norris

Over a period of about 5 months Bittaker and Norris raped and killed 5 teenage girls around 1979. The duo has been notoriously named the “Tool Box Killers” because they tortured these young girls with common household items that would normally be found in a toolbox. Larry Bittaker was sentenced to death in 80’s while Ray Norris accepted a plea bargain to testify against Bittaker. Norris was sentenced to life in prison, he is still currently serving his time at Donovan State Prison.

2.Donald Henry Gaskins


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Gaskins also known as “Pee Wee” lived a very disturbing life, he was born in South Carolina in 1933. Gaskins had committed a slew of crimes by the time he was 18 and continued to do so as he got older. He had been in and out of prison over the years for rape. As he aged he continued to rape and murder young women until his final arrest in 1975. He admitted to killing over 100 people but there has been no evidence to prove that he had killed that many people. He also claimed that his mind was “special” and he was being given permission to kill all the people had killed.

3.H.H. Holmes

Considered one of America’s first serial killers, Holmes has almost been forgotten about. During the World’s Columbian Exposition that took place in Chicago in 1893, Holmes had created a hotel that was specifically built to murder individuals. He lured people from the World Fair back to the hotel that was filled with various rooms dedicated to torture. He supposedly had a room solely for asphyxiating people and one room was dedicated to hanging people. Holmes would leave his victims to suffer from hunger and exhaustion for days at a time. He even created an alarm system that would alert him if any of his victims tried to escape. Many people don’t know of Holmes even though it’s been said that he could have committed up to 200 murders.

4.Zodiac Killer


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Many of you have probably heard of the Zodiac Killer, especially considering that his identity is still unknown. Between 1960 and 1970 the Zodiac Killer committed his murders in California. 7 people between the ages of 16 and 29, both male and female were killed by the Zodiac, there may have been additional killings, but only these have been confirmed. In addition to these murders the Zodiac Killer is famous for sending letters to the press that included ciphers that were meant to be solved. Ever since 1969 the California Department of Justice has kept the case open.

5.Aileen Wuornos

Between the year 1989 and 1990 Wuornos had killed 7 men in the state of Florida. She claimed that all of her victims had committed the crime of raping her and that her actions were completely justified. Wuornos was sentenced to death and was eventually lethally injected in 2002.

6.Ed Gein

Ed Gein had admitted to killing two women in his lifetime. However, Ed Gein is mainly known for digging up corpses and taking body parts to use in other ways. Police found various body parts that he then attempted to make into various clothing items on Gein’s property. Although he only admitted to killing two women his crimes are still very disturbing and he will continue to go down in history as one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

7.The Boston Strangler

The Boston Strangler, also known as Albert DeSalvo murdered 13 women in Boston Massachusetts. His murders took place in the 1960’s. There is DNA evidence linking him to one of the murders, but police suspected that there may have been more than one person involved.

8.Kristen Gilbert

Former nurse Kristen Gilbert was nicknamed “The Angel of Death.” She was convicted of 4 murders and 2 attempted murders. Gilbert would kill her victims by injecting epinephrine into their bodies to force the patients to go into cardiac arrrest. Often Gilbert would then attempt to resuscitate the victims herself.

9.Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas was convicted of 11 murders due to his own confession. He had confessed to committing hundreds of murders but only 11 have been confirmed. Lucas served time for the murder of his mother and a 15 year old girl years later. He was released and then in 1983 he killed two more women. He was finally arrested and sentenced to death until his passing in 2001.

10. Richard Chase


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Chase murdered 7 people over a short period of time. He has been nicknamed “The Vampire of Sacramento” because he would consume his victims blood. Richard Chase was sentenced to life in prison and later committed suicide through an overdose.

11. Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling also known as “The Gainesville Ripper” killed 5 people in Florida during the 1980’s. Once he killed his victims Rollings would mutilate their bodies and sometimes pose them how he wanted. Most of his victims were college students, Rollings confessed to killing 8 people. He was sentenced to death and was lethally injected in 2006.