The Wonderful World Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas today is one of the entertainment capitals of the world with what seems to be an endless list of things to do no matter what age you are or type of things you’re into. Vegas nowadays is much more family friendly than it used to be with all kinds of roller coasters activities that kids can enjoy while mom and dad are in the Casinos but don’t be mistaken it still earns the name Sin City after dark. Back in the early days, Vegas was considered to be more of an “adult playground” where you could go and lose your inhibitions and go wild. I mean where do you think the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” comes from? We wanted to compile some of the many great pictures of Vegas, mainly from the early days but the occasional semi-current photo was used as a point of reference.

Before it at Happened

Long before multi-billion dollar resorts lined the Strip, Las Vegas was a desolate desert town that appeared to be on the brink of extinction. Here you can see what it looked like in 1906 when settlement first began. It’s hard to believe that if you looked at this same picture 100 years later it would appear as if it was on a different planet.