Unsolved History: 17 Shocking & Unforgettable Mysteries

There are so many mysteries in this wonderful world of ours. Some are awesome and yet some are flat out terrifying. Why did people make the Moai statues on Easter Island? Who carved out thousands of miles of lines in the middle of a desert making beautiful images that could only be seen from the sky? Others make us ask some basic questions: Who could kill 9 hikers in the most brutal fashion and never be caught? Come see some of the most amazing stories of unsolved history.

The Dyatlov Incident


The Dyatlov Pass incident is one that is now legendary among climbers. It is a story of nine Russian skiers who all died under mysterious circumstances on the night of February 2, 1959. The incident was so traumatizing and made such big news that the actual mountain pass where the incident occurred is now named after the group’s leader, Igor Dyatlov.


The story is a mystery because there are no witnesses or people who say what happened, but investigators determined that the skiers were so scared that they tore through their tent from the inside out and started running from something or someone while barefoot during heavy winter storm. The bodies of the all the skiers were found in light clothing over half a mile away from their base camp. Whatever chased them did so for a long distance. Found in three separate groups, the skiers were all found dead, but not from exposure or an animal attack.

On skier had brought a camera along on the trip and a photo from the it revealed a mysterious figure in between some trees. In a journal that was recovered from the destroyed tent, they had written an entry that said “We now know that snow-people are real.” That line gave investigators chills.


When the bodies were found, it was discovered how brutally the victims died: Two victims had fractured skulls and two broken ribs as if beaten to death. Two others had their tongues removed and their eyeballs gouged from their skulls. Some others were found to have frozen to death in a crouching position while they were hiding from the obvious attackers.Reports from Russian authorities described the scene with these chilling words: “An unknown, compelling force had caused the deaths.”

After the incident, all access to the area was off-limit for hikers for three years. What happened and who killed the skiers has never been solved.