These Unique And Interesting Women Will Blow Your Mind

There are women located all over the world that have something very unique and interesting about them. Something that will set them apart from all others. They could be tall, or small, or even become known as the “illustrated lady.” But they’re all special in their own way. We wanted to celebrate these unique and interesting womenby compiling a list and bring them all to one location for your enjoyment. I guarantee at least one will make your job drop for one reason or another.


Photo: sportingz

This Russian-born beauty goes by the name Zlata, and as you can see she has an extreme talent. Known as the world’s most flexible woman she also holds the record for most beer bottles opened in one minute, using only your feet. Zlata learned of her unique talents at the young age of four years old. Just two years later began learning how to perfect her craft as a contortionist at circus school.