A Visual History: Powerful Photos That Changed The World

History has provided us with knowledge and insight that was only gained after going through tough times, crisis, desperation and eventually, perseverance. Nothing that is notable in history was easy or came with little cost. The things that we take from history and the images it has provided is a road map of where we have been and hopefully, how we can change as people and learn from these lessons. Please take a moment to view some of history’s most important images.

First Images Of The Giza Pyramids 1870-1875


Photo: Dawgshed

French Academician François Arago (1786-1853) endorsed the new medium in 1839 claiming it would provide a labor-saving means “to copy the millions and millions of hieroglyphics which entirely cover the great monuments at Thebes, Memphis and Carnac, etc.

Giza Pyramids and Tombs of Bedouins


Photo: Dawgshed

The Giza Pyramids & The Sphinx


Photo: Dawgshed